The Rock

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

“On my own I’m only Half of what I could be I can’t do without you We are stitched together And what love has tethered I pray we never undo ‘Cause God gave me you for the ups and downs God gave me you for the days of doubt God gave me you for the ups and downs God gave me you for the days of doubt And for when I think I’ve lost my way There are no words here left to say, it’s true God gave me you, gave me you He gave me you
God Gave Me You; Blake Shelton -

I love the ocean.  The water calms me and I truly believe that I am part Moana.  The wind, the waves, the seashells all have their own stories to tell and all begin in some distant, far off place that eventually make it to my feet in the sand on the shore.  But it’s the rocks in the water that never seem to move.  No matter how hard that water pushes, not matter how hard that wind blows, the rocks stay in exactly the same spot God put them to begin with; right where they need to be at that one particular moment.  Maybe they are in taking up space.  Maybe they are in a place for supporting another rock, maybe they are there for us to view and truly see their beauty, or maybe they are there to use to break through something that is in danger;  multi-purpose little suckers.  It’s no coincidence that a rock is typically used to describe a person who is strength. God gave me my rock  17 years ago and without him, I would be nothing better than that ever-moving seashell, being cast back into the ocean.
My rock has been with me for 17 years.  He should win a huge award just for that feat, since most people can’t stand to be around me for 17 minutes.  He has stood by my side during the happiest and darkest days of my life and has never once fled.  We started young and stupid really, not truly knowing one another before we exchanged vows.  We made stupid mistakes that today has made us stronger, as stupid mistakes lived through somehow always do.  We have traveled the country, moved countless times, moved again, changed careers, barely survived years two and three, became parents, twice, changed jobs again, and rode the ride of a mental breakdown on my end, only to come out stronger, both stronger, on the other side.
Without this man, I would be dead; literally.  I refer to my doctor as my earth angel, but I seem to displace the one person who actually brought me to her.  The one person who recognized first that my downward spiral was out of control;  the one person who was there for me to help pull me out of my hell, even though he would and never will understand the depths of this pit;  the one person who never asks “why” and the one person who just says “go” when I ask for more days to watch baseball:  My rock.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.   Thank you for saving me.
He shares so openly his time, love and talents with everyone, even with people he does not know.  He leaves his bed at work, every time the alarms sing, to sometimes save a life, and sometimes goes for hours without sleep, just to keep you safe.

His two beautiful little girls eyes sparkle, every time they see him, and dance when he brings them donuts, just because it’s Sunday.  He makes it a priority to partake in any event they may have, because he wants them to know they are a priority.  He is the best daddy to Keaton and Tatum. 17 years does truly seem like yesterday.  I look back at everything this man and I have been through and there is always one constant; we have done life, both the good and bad parts of it, together. Together, forever. Happy Anniversary to my rock, my best friend, and truly, the love of my crazy life.

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