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3FTL - First Responders Home Team

We know that the success of any relationship experiencing the overwhelming challenges of a mental health battle depend on the first responder AND their partner having the guidance, support and encouragement they need. The First Responder Home Team program was created exclusively to build a safe place for first responder partners (wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, or domestic partner) to navigate their struggles, celebrate their victories, and share their wisdom.

What to Expect

Meet Virtually

Every Week

This is a private community assembled to help you understand what your partner is experiencing during treatment and how you can best help them. Your openness and vulnerability will be held in strict confidence within our small circle of people who “get it” while also allowing you to explore your history. We’ll combine an irreverent atmosphere where you can be candid with your thoughts, along with decades of real-life first responder partner’s experience.

These meetings are virtual through the Zoom platform, so you can attend them from the comfort of your own space. We will discuss various topics related to the First Responder's life, including building a resilient relationship, communicating your needs, and perhaps most importantly this platform will be a place where you are not alone during your loved ones recovery process.


The Schedule


8:00 pm - 9pm (CST)

Grab your calendar and make a note for Home Team (HT) meetings every Monday from 8pm – 9pm (CST) – Remember, schedule and routine are critical to keeping your priorities and expectations of each other in line. Your first responder received information about this program and they have been advised to do whatever they can to allow you the time to attend the Home Team calls. We are a TEAM!


We’ll meet via Zoom each Month, so you will need to download the app to your device, but it’s extremely user friendly. Each month, we will discuss a different topic, based on input from you, as this HT program is for YOU. Our discussions will be held in strict confidence – what happens in HT chats, stays in HT chats. If at any time this commitment is not being kept, you will be asked to leave the HT program. Our goal is to offer a safe place where we have honest conversations, free from judgement or criticism.

Occasionally we'll have a guest speaker join us; a first responder spouse, a medial professional who specializes in mental health treatment, or organizations and events that you and your first responder may enjoy learning about.


Virtual Meeting Etiquette

Download Zoom before Monday and use the emailed link (registration below) to join us!


  • Make sure you are someplace during the meeting without distractions. This is YOUR time.

  • If there is noise in the background, please put yourself on mute, as it becomes difficult for others to hear

    • If you begin talking and still on mute, we'll let you know​

    • Pay attention to your chat box at the bottom of the screen for private messages

  • We will start on time and end of time. We respect everyone's time and are committed to protecting it.​

  • If you don't feel comfortable inthe group and would prefer to have private 1 on 1 sessions, please email or text us to find out what other options are available for you (Use contact form at bottom of this page).

Meet the Program Director

Erika Anderson-Brightman

Erika is a proud fire wife, trauma survivor, depression warrior, thought changer and dog mom. Erika is a certified coach who has worked with women across the country to unpack past challenges to rebuild a stronger, more resilient future. She is dedicated to the bridging the gap between a first responder and their partner to create thriving relationships.

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